Now that Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! has been released, I thought I'd post a couple of board panels from the very first episode "Edubot" 4000. This was the first Episode and was done in Photoshop. And also, for comparison, a few frames from "Pie Sky" drawn in Panelforge . I did one show using Panelforge which had its good points but didn't work at all well on Mac at that time. 


Passion Pictures

Life at Passion is great and going by way too fast. The show and the team are awesome. I'm really lucky to have such a great story crew. Bianca Ansem, Max Loubaresse, Althea Aseoche and Robair Nelson. Missing is Adrian Maganza and out of house Barry Reynolds. Top drawer talent and people.


So long Saloon...

The times here again to move onto new things. Many thanks to all the guys at Cartoon Saloon for having me these last 6 months. Ive loved working on Wolfwalkers and the two new shows they're developing. 

Ive a pretty free week before I move onto my next role as Storyboard supervisor at Passion Pictures. Im really excited to start work on another great show with a great team. 

I'm a very lucky chap. 



I'm back after my time on Wolfwalkers. Great to work with Tomm, Ross, and the team at Cartoon Saloon. The projects they have cooking in their new studio are amazing!

Tomm and my fellow story artists pictured.

I'm home working on a great new Saloon project. It's pretty epic and its a given with the Saloon that it looks amazing.

Tomm Moore

Tomm Moore

Guillaume Lorin 

Guillaume Lorin 

Iker Maidagan (far right)

Iker Maidagan (far right)

Giovanna Ferrari

Giovanna Ferrari





2016 toot toot!

It took a while to get back into gear after the Christmas break, but things are progressing full steam. By the end of the month, the crew will be double what it is now. We so need more biscuits!

Voice records have started in New York. Our cast is amazing! Next step is dropping the real dialogue into the animatic in place of the scratch track.

Also in the news our studio is in the top 50 creative companies in England. 

And Ive even started on my Animex talk. No pressure.


is this thing on?

is this thing on?


That was quick! Christmas already!. The show is moving very fast and we are well into animatics. Brown Bag Films is building an amazing studio in Manchester with an awesome international crew. We have a new art director all the way from L.A, and a Spanish animation director due to start in the new year. We also have another American staff writer in house AND a studio dog called Jack. 

Also in the new year I'll be speaking at Animex . My first public talk. Gulp!